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Buy Disposable Coats - Visitor Coats

Buy from our range of disposable coats. This includes non-woven visitor coats and also polythene visitor coats. Popular within the food industry and catering by the name of 'food hygiene coats' or 'food coats'. Extensively used within the pharmaceutical industry these disposable lab coats help maintain hygiene requirements of the workplace.

PE visitor coats are suitable to be used as disposable raincoat for site visits indoors and/or outdoors to help maintain hygiene and act as a waterproof coat to keep your clothes dry in rain. Can be used as an everyday protection from rainy weather without having to pause outdoor activities.

Blue disposable coats are very popular within the food processing and catering industry. 

We have 05 colours available to suit all industry requirements, we have both PE and non-woven options available to match your needs.