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Cut Resistant Gloves

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When working with sharp objects one needs cut resistant gloves from a reliable source. Our range of PPE includes work gloves that are fully tested and complaint to the highest cut resistant gloves standards. Our cut 5 gloves provide adequate protection against hazards of cuts, piercing or accidental penetration of shrapnel of glass, wood or metal. If you work in any of these industries, you must wear cut resistant gloves to protect you from getting hurt in case of a mishandling.

Our safety gloves for work covers glass handling gloves, wood or timber cutting gloves and gloves for butchers who are more exposed to hazards of blade cut. Our cut proof gloves also have heat resistance for tasks where cut protection is equally important as heat protection. We also stock cut resistant sleeves for arm protection.

All cut resistant gloves confirm to the new En ISO 13997 standard rating from A (lowest rating) to F (highest rating). In the new EN 388 standard markings the first 4 numbers remain the same but the 5th position will show the A-F rating for ISO 13997, if the glove passes the test there will be a “P” in the 6th position.

New addition includes Pawa work gloves range which is a premium brand of safety gloves in the UK for all types of activities. We also have Kevlar cut resistant gloves and leather cut resistant gloves in our range.

These cut gloves come in small size to XL size. If you are looking for cut resistant gloves for ladies, our size small and medium will fit comfortably.