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Disposables | Gloves Aprons hairnets and Coveralls

Buy from our range of disposables which includes gloves, aprons, hair nets, coveralls and other disposable head to toe protection for your work activities. Our disposable gloves come with a variety of materials, qualities to suit to all your needs. We have disposable latex gloves, disposable vinyl gloves and disposable nitrile gloves in medical and industrial grades. Latex gloves and Vinyl gloves also come in powdered and powder free versions. Our vinyl gloves come in Blue, Clear, Red, Green and Yellow colour to suit your range of activities.   

We also have a wide range of disposable products essential for workplaces with a strict hygiene requirement such as food manufacturing and food handling industry, health care, care homes, cleaning and janitorial etc. Most of the products come in variety of colours for you to choose the right colour for your industry. Our disposable hair nets, disposable aprons, disposable coveralls and disposable masks are very popular and will keep you and your work activities safe.  

Our collection is deigned to cover the needs of our customers from a variety of work environments and professions. With affordable prices, please choose your product from our range. Our disposable range of plastic aprons, disposable caps and disposable beard snood are very popular within the Food industry in the UK. With a high standard of quality and competitive prices we ensure that the customers are happy with our service. Most products available in Blue, White, Green, red and Yellow colour to suit different industries.

Please browse and take a look at our disposable range of products. We are sure that you will find what you are looking for. All products are sold in packs to offer you the best price advantage in the market. Buy our disposable aprons, disposable caps, disposable coveralls, dispsosable masks and disposable gloves right here.