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Hi Vis

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Our range of PPE is incomplete without mentioning our Hi Vis collection. Hi Vis comes from 'High Visibility' and is essential for workers across all sectors and industries. Hi Vis clothing features garments or accessories that are complaint to regulations designed to provide reflective properties so that the wearer could be noticed from a distance to anyone who is unaware of the worker and may pose unintentional danger to them. This reflective clothing is also known as Hi Vis workwear or safety clothing. All our Hi Viz in yellow and orange is complaint to BS EN 20471. In addition to this, our Hi Vis Orange clothing is mostly compliant to the new road safety/railway standard RIS-3279-TOM. Our Hi Vis range also considers the weather conditions which can become really hot or extremely cold and with constant rain. To overcome this, our Hi Vis waterproof range caters to all weather changes. We also offer Hi Vis printing and Hi Vis with logo to our customers for bespoke solutions. 

Our Hi Vis Range includes:

Hi Vis Vests

Our Hi Visibility vests come in a wide variety and types such as Hi Vis waistcoats, Hi Vis vest with zipper, Hi Vis vest with pockets, Hi Vis long sleeve vest, reflective vests in colours other than yellow and orange, Hi vis Mesh vest and printed Hi Vis vest where we offer you with your logo on personalized Hi vis vest.  

Hi Vis Jackets

Our Hi Visibility jacket comes in a wide variety and types such as Hi Vis coats, Hi Vis waterproof jacket, Hi Vis soft shell jacket, Hi Vis bomber jacket, Hi Vis hooded jacket. These Hi vis work jackets are mostly waterproof and are ideal Hi vis winter jackets too. These are popular among all industries especially as security jacket for security industry. 

Hi Vis Trouser

Our Hi Vis work trousers are tough, offering optimum safety and protection. With knee band or ankle bands, these reflective trousers are waterproof. Hi Vis yellow trousers are very popular across all industries. Our Hi Vis Joggers are ideal for comfort and warmth. With a combat style, these hi vis jogging bottoms are a comfortable hi vis pants. We also have Hi vis shorts in stock.

Hi Vis Hoodie

Hi Visibility hoodie comes in a variety of options. From quarter zipped Hi Vis hoodie to Hi Vis sweatshirt, our Hi Vis hooded sweatshirts out perform in quality and price. Our Hi Vis jumpers are very popular especially with logo embroidery.

Hi Vis Fleece

Hi Vis Fleece comes in plain and 2 tone colours. Our Hi Vis fleece with rain patch is popular when it come to an extra shoulder patch for rain.

Hi Vis T-shirt

Lightweight Hi Visibility tshirts are a product for summers or when the weather is hot. Our Hi vis shirts offer full safety, moisture management and quick drying properties.

Hi Vis Polo Shirt

Hi Vis Polo shirts come with plain or contrast collar options. Our Hi Vis long sleeve shirts are popular especially the Hi Vis orange shirts. We offer Hi Vis printing and logo embroidery.

Hi Vis Gilet

Our Hi Vis Gilets or body warmers are reversible and can be worn as a normal sleeveless jacket. 

Hi Vis Backpacks

We have a range of Hi vis rucksacks in orange and yellow colours with reflective tapes. These Hi Vis bags are great for visibility in extreme dark environments.

Hi Vis Waterproof

Full range of Hi vis waterproof jackets, Hi vis waterproof trousers, Hi vis waterproof overalls are excellent for people working in outdoors in cold and wet conditions.

Hi Vis Overalls

Hi Vis coveralls for full body visibility. These Hi Vis suits are available in waterproof material as well in a range of colours.

Overall our range of Hi Vis covers every product that you may need for your safety. These products are available at low prices and a fast UK wide delivery. try us now!