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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

Many people want to understand what PPE is? PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. It is a set of essential safety products that workers of a specific trade need in order to carry out their work activities without the fear of hazards involved. Workers and employers must ensure that risks involved in performing a job are well assessed and adequate PPE is provided to cover for those risks. When assessing risks, it is important to note that:

1) PPE is the last line of protection for individual workers and must not be treated as the only protection guard. All other approaches must be implemented to make the site safe to work and then on top of it provide workers with protective equipment needed as an extra essential to ensure their safety.

2) When considering to buy PPE, it is important to make sure that the safety products comply to the laws and safety regulations in place.

Personal Protective Equipment includes but not limited to products such as hard hats, safety glasses, ear defenders, safety gloves, safety boots, high visibility workwear, safety harnesses, specialized overalls and respiratory masks etc. The type of PPE to be used depends on the work requirements and the type of work being carried out. For example, construction workers can have a different set of protective equipment than workers of glass manufacturing industry. 

At Worklayers, our PPE range includes products to suit all industries. Products cover safety clothing, hand protection, foot protection, head protection, eye protection, respiratory protection and hearing protection; all specifically designed to ensure your safety at work. We also offer bespoke services i.e. customized logo on safety clothing, workwear and hard hats at very competitive prices and a short lead-time.

Hi Vis (safety clothing): A wide range of Hi Vis safety clothing available to suit your requirement. We have Hi vis Jackets, Hi vis Vests, Hi vis hoodie, Hi vis trousers, Hi vis poloshirts, Hi vis sweatshirts, Hi vis coveralls and also, rail standard workwear as visibility is very important when working in railway environment. We offer hi vis waterproof jackets, hi vis raincoats and also logo customization for your company logo on your PPE. 

Head Protection: Suitable for a variety of industries, our head PPE products are a popular choice. Our hard hats include various colours and can have your company logo. We also stock JSP evo hard hats range with JSP hard hat liners, JSP hard hat ear defenders and JSP hard hat lights. In addition to this, we have safety bump caps baseball style which can also have your logo.

Eye Protection: Our popular range of safety glasses and safety goggles includes anti-fog glasses, anti-mist and sun glasses to provide your eyes with adequate protection, on and off site. We offer brands like supertouch, pyramex and Bolle safety glasses in our range. Our anti glare glasses are ideal for driving at night. Safety googles especially our welding goggles and chemical splash goggles are a popular choice within the welding and chemical handling industry. 

Ear Protection: For noisy work environments where extreme concentration and prolonged work times are involved, our range of earmuffs, ear defenders, earplugs and headbands offer an adequate level of protection to your ears. Our range of Peltor ear defenders is very popular. With a variety of noise cancelling ear defenders, choose the one that fits your needs.

Respiratory Protection System: At work you may be exposed to dust or to certain low risk non-hazardous air borne particles and gases. Buy from our range of respiratory dust masks and choose from the level of protection you need. From FFP2 and FFP3 dust masks we also have face masks in half mask and full mask respirators options. 

Fall Protection: If your work activities involve working at heights, our safety harness range is designed to protect you from the risk of falling. Available in 3 different options, our fall arrest system comes in basic to advance level protection including Fall arrest harness and lanyard.

We offer a fast UK delivery to our customers. Browse and choose from our range of PPE products.