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Buy PPE | Head To Toe Protection

Buy PPE from our wide range of PPE. Our PPE range includes head protection, eye protection, respiratory protection and hearing protection; all specifically designed to ensure your safety at work. Our safety helmets are available in a variety of colours at an amazing price. We also offer bespoke helmets and logo service on safety helmets at a reason price. Our safety spectacles or safety glasses ensure eye safety with antifog lens. Our respiratory masks include FFP2 and FFP3 disposable masks. We offer a wide range of hearing protection with ear muffs suitable to match your work related noise levels and offer maximum protection. We also offer fall arrest kits with a basic and advanced features.  

Head Protection: Suitable for a variety of industries, our PPE products are a popular chioce. If your work activities involve the risk of falling objects, our safety bump caps and hard hats are essential for you. Our safety helmets come in a wide range of colours and materials to suit your needs.

Fall Protection: If your work activities involve working at heights, our safety fall protection harness kits are designed to protect you from the hazards of falling from heights. Available in basic and advance options.

Respiratory: At work you may be exposed to dust or certain non-hazardous air bourne particles and gases. Buy from our range of respiratory masks and choose from the level of protection you need. From FFP2 and FFP3 masks we also have half mask respirators.

Eye Protection: Our popular range of safety glaases and safety goggles includes anti-fog, anti-mist and sun glasses to provide your eyes with adequete protection, on and off site. We offer brands like supertouch, click and Bolle in our range. Our safety googles especially our welding googles are a popular choice within the welding industry. 

Ear Protection: For noisy work environments, our range of ear muffs, ear defenders, ear plugs and headbands offer an adequete level of protection to your ears. With a variety of noise reduction levels choose the one that fits your needs.

We offer a fast UK delivery to our customers. Browse and choose from our range of PPE products. We are sure that you will find the right PPE products for your needs at a very affordable price here.