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Safety Gloves | Leather gloves, cotton gloves, coated gloves

A wide range of safety gloves for work designed for your hand protection for all sorts of work activities. Our range covers working gloves such as Leather gloves, cotton gloves, latex coated grip gloves, nitrile coated gloves, PVC gloves, chemical gloves, thermal gloves and household rubber and industrial gloves; ideal for commercial & industrial tasks.

Work activities may create unforseen hazards for your hands. No single gloves can ensure your hands safety for all tasks and so it is very important to assess the risk for each activity and choose a glove that provides specific protection. We have created a range considering a variety of workplace hazards and your safety to combat it.

Whether you require a firm grip in dry/wet conditions, keeping your hands warm in cold environments, protection from low hazard chemicals and liquids, sensitive touch for delicate item handling, cut resistance from blade/glass or tough material for intense handling, you're sure to find what you need right here.

With a variety of safety gloves available, our collection is divided into Cotton gloves, Coated/Dipped gloves with Latex, PVC, Nitrile and PU options, Leather gloves including Rigger gloves, Welding gauntlets, Mechanic gloves, thermal gloves and general purpose household rubber gloves in light and heavy weights. These offer adequete protection to your hands for the task you're engaged in. All gloves are tested to relevant EN388 levels and conform to EN420 standard.

We offer the most affordable prices and a fast delivery within the UK to our customers. Our cotton gloves, leather gloves, coated gloves and rubber gloves are very popular. We hold brands like Supertouch and Click in our range. Browse our collection and order online now from our safety gloves.