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Safety Footwear | Shoes, Boots, Trainers - Wellingtons

Our vast range of protective footwear includes different styles such as safety shoes, safety boots, safety wellingtons and safety trainers to keep your feet comfortable and safe on and off site. We hold UK brands such as Supertouch, Click, Dunlop. Whether you are looking for toe protection, anti-slip, anti-penetration, anti-static and waterproof safety footwear, you will find it right here.

Your safety at work truly starts from the groud up. Many of us don't realize the importance of safety of our feet while at work. At Worklayers, we take your safety very seriously and all our footwear range is designed to combat workplace hazards and discomfort. Wether you are a craftsman, a warehouse, construction, commercial or industrial worker, it is important to understand your requirement. Our footwear offers safety by incorpoating 200 J protective toe caps. We also have metal free shoes and boots considering your safety in high security areas. Our safety shoes and safety boots offer anti-slip, anti-static, anti-penetration and oil resistant properties. 

Our safety wellington boots are made from waterproof material offering you comfort and dry feet in wet conditions. Suitable for construction, road works, waste management and disposal, water jetting and a wide range of activities. Our most popular range of safety chukka boots offer an optioanl midsole. A comfortable fit and a stylish design, our chukka boots are a perfect choice for your day to day activities on and off work. 

Each of the products is compliant to the relevant BS EN standards for it's purpose of usage and can be found on the individual product page. We offer very affordable prices and a fast delivery within the UK to our customers. Order online now from our safety shoes, safety boots, safety wellingtons and safety trainers that match your requirements.