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Work Gloves

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We all need suitable work gloves in our day to day activities whether at home or at work. Our hands are very important and it is vital that a suitable pair of safety gloves is worn along with the necessary PPE required to perform a job. Risks should be assessed before start of the work and appropriate work gloves must be included in the PPE kit to prevent any hazards involved for adequate hand protection. We have the best safety gloves in our range.

There is a huge market of safety gloves in UK but it is important to choose the right work gloves that exactly match to your needs and gives value for money. We, at Worklayers Ltd. have tried to put up a collection of best work gloves to make your decision easy for you to select one of our safety gloves for work. Our gloves are available in pairs, however to give you the best prices we sell work gloves in bulk i.e. in cases of 120 pairs or depending on the type of gloves you are buying. We also offer safety gloves in small to XL sizes to all possible hand sizes especially in the UK because the better the fit the better is the performance of working gloves. We also do work gloves fingerless for people who only want protection of the palm and can compromise on exposed fingers for natural dexterity during their work. 

Our range of Work Gloves includes:

  • Grip gloves or Gripper gloves
  • Waterproof gloves or Work gloves waterproof
  • Cotton gloves
  • Leather gloves
  • Rubber gloves
  • Cut Resistant gloves
  • Chemical resistant gloves
  • Thermal gloves or Winter gloves
  • Mechanic gloves
  • Gardening gloves
  • Cleaning gloves
  • Washing up gloves

All of work gloves confirm to EN 420 for sizing/dexterity and EN 388 for abrasion, cut, tear and puncture based on which we categorize our safety gloves for specific industry requirements.

Our cut resistant gloves confirm to the new En ISO 13997 standard rating from A (lowest rating) to F (highest rating). In the new EN 388 standard markings the first 4 numbers remain the same but the 5th position will show the A-F rating for ISO 13997, if the glove passes the test there will be a “P” in the 6th position.

Our chemical resistant gloves conform to EN 374 where these work gloves and chemical gloves are tested for leakages, resistance to penetration and also, resistance to micro organisms and a range of chemicals.

Our welding gloves and welding gauntlets are tested for EN 11611, EN 407 and EN 12477 for flame retardant behavior.

Our thermal gloves are specialized winter gloves that conform to EN 511 for resistance to cold. We work gloves for winter in a variety of coating and material types with the most popular being winter gloves thin for people who want lightweight work gloves.

In addition to this, we have fully tested cleaning gloves in the form of single use  latex gloves, vinyl gloves and nitrile gloves in different thicknesses and end uses. Our cotton gloves white are also very popular within the cleaning industry. 

With a variety of work gloves available, our collection is divided into Cotton gloves, PVC gloves, Nitrile gloves and PU gloves, Leather gloves including Rigger gloves, Welding gloves, Mechanics gloves, thermal gloves, washing up gloves or kitchen gloves, Rubber gloves or other general purpose work gloves in lightweights and heavy weights. This range also covers different types of Industrial gloves including Industrial Gauntlets, Industrial gloves and Nitrile coated Industrial gloves.