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Strapped Knee Pads Redbacks -

Strapped Knee Pads Redbacks

£44.95 ex-VAT ex-VAT (£53.94 incl. VAT)

Strapped Knee Pads by Redbacks provide cushioning and support with firm grip around the knee area. With waterproof covering, these knee pads are ideal for any weather conditions. The leaf spring within a honeycomb matrix is designed to absorb pressure and distribute weight equally which reduces the pressure on knee caps and knee joints. This technology disperses pressure away from the body to provide unrivaled comfort and protection.

Strapped Knee Pads Redbacks feature:

• Features Redbacks® patented leaf spring cushioning

• Designed and approved by an Ergonomist, Clinical Scientist and Biomedical engineer

• Engineered for comfort and protection

• Articulated straps with dust-resistant fastening

• Can be worn on bare skin or over trousers

• Penetration-resistant waterproof cover

• Soft, breathable and wicking inner fabric

• Scientifically proven to reduce point pressure and distribute weight away from the knee

• Designed for long term use with 100% continuous support

• Thermal protection from warm or cold surfaces

• Washable at 30°C

• 100% recyclable pad

Assembly Work, Car Manufacturing, General Maintenance, Inspections, Janitorial, Mechanical Tasks, Painting/Decorating, Physical Tasks, Public Utilities, Tradesmen

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