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Cotton Gloves

Best Quality Cotton Gloves

Used for high precision and delicate work, our best quality Cotton gloves are very popular work gloves within the food and general cleaning industry. These work gloves are ideal for inspections and handling delicate work where cleanliness is required to the highest level. Our white cotton gloves are used for driving, car chauffeurs, hotel staff, butlers and catering staff where hygiene is very important and even finger impressions matter a great deal. 

Cotton gloves are also used as gloves liners for extra warmth and can be an ideal cotton liner gloves if you wear it underneath latex gloves, vinyl gloves or even nitrile gloves while cleaning. This can be a good idea as it will be more of a waterproof cotton gloves type. We also have these work gloves fingerless option for more dexterity based work.

Our Cotton gloves for work range includes lightweight cotton gloves and also heavyweight cotton gloves with dots for enhanced grip. In this range we also have white gloves made from polyester or mixture of cotton and polyester with other materials such as acrylic to add thermal properties to cotton gloves for colder environments.

Cotton gloves also help people with extra sensitive skin prone to allergies. Wear cotton gloves for eczema if you have a skin condition that gets irritated by everyday work. Cotton gloves are washable just like any other fabric, however, full wash care instructions need to be followed. 

Our cotton gloves are unisex and come in small sizes to XL sizes to fit all hand sizes in UK. So if you are looking for cotton gloves for ladies, you will find it here.