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Safety Footwear

When considering PPE, one must give vital importance to safety footwear. Our feet are too precious to be ignored. Working for long hours, our jobs demand a lot of movement either standing in an assembly line or walking across warehouse or sites. This makes it even essential for us to decide upon a safety footwear that is comfortable and yet prevents all assessed risks. Our range of footwear PPE is designed keeping in mind your comfort, style and providing you with the necessary safety levels required to perform your work activities without worry.

Our range consists of safety boots, safety shoes, safety trainers and safety wellies. Each collection caters to your specific footwear protection needs. Let's understand some facts about safety footwear first:

Everyday at work or outdoors our feet are exposed to various hazards such as chance of crushing from falling or lifting heavy objects, risk of slippage from oily or wet surfaces, chances of a nail or other shrapnel piercing through, cold feet due to low winter temperatures, risk of an accidental electric shock while working or burns from a random spillage of some toxic chemicals at work. This is where a proper quality safety footwear comes to play it role in preventing above risks and making your feet safe and comfortable. Understanding your work requirement and risks involved, you cam make the right choice to buy safety boots or safety shoes that meet your needs.

In general, all safety footwear mostly have a safety toe cap and an anti-slip outer sole. This toe cap is required to be capable of handling force impact of up to 200 joules as a standard which is equivalent to a 20 kg weight dropped from a height of 1020 mm onto the toes. This relevant standard is BS EN ISO 20345 which sets out the minimum requirements that all safety footwear must have toe protection of 200 joules impact resistance. Then come specific safety requirements of safety shoes or safety boots being anti-penetration, anti-slip, anti-static ESD and waterproof boots among others.

Once the safety requirements are fulfilled, the next step is to look at the comfort part by offering energy absorbing heel, thermal insulated inner lining, anti-odour/anti-bacterial breathable lining or foam insole to make the safety footwear comfortable for the wearer over longer periods of time. 

Our Safety shoes and boots cover all necessary standards such as SB to SRC while the safety wellington boots offer upto S5 level protection. All safety boots are anti-slip level from SRA to SRC. The steel toe cap boots are popular within the construction and warehousing industries. For high security areas we also have safety shoes metal free which incorporate composite toe cap and mid sole protection. Another popular product is our Black safety Chukka boots due to leather upper, stylish and economical. Our Hercules waterproof safety boots offer the best protection in wet conditions. We also stock tarmac boots with HRO tested for contact heat of upto 300°C.

For food industry workers, our safety shoes for kitchen and slip on safety shoes are very popular. They have been designed to maintain hygiene around the workplace. Our safety wellington boots are made from water resistant material offering you comfort and dry feet in wet conditions. A new addition to our safety footwear range is the Aimont safety boots. Aimont's sherpa lined thermal safety boots are very popular due to warmth and being waterproof. These insulated safety boots are ideal for winters. We also have specialized safety boots for welding with metatarsal protection.

Safety trainers maintain style and offer the best safety and comfort especially our Hercules safety trainers and Aimont Vigorex which promises to absorb energy to leave your feet less exhaustive compared to other safety trainers in the market.

Suitable for construction, road works, waste management and disposal, water jetting and a wide range of activities. Each of the products is compliant to the relevant BS EN standards for it's purpose of usage and can be found on the individual product page. We offer very affordable prices and a fast delivery within the UK to our customers. Order online now from our safety work shoes, safety boots, safety wellingtons and safety trainers that match your requirements.