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Leather Work Gloves

When it comes to durability, leather work gloves are always the favorites. These safety gloves have been around from the very start; even before the PPE concept. Whether it is gloves for driving, gardening gloves, rigger gloves, builders gloves, mechanics gloves or welding gloves, leather work gloves have it all. Made from tough, mostly cow leather, these waterproof gloves are ideal for all work activities. Extensively used in construction and welding, leather work gloves offer exceptional tear resistance. These gloves also have a natural cut resistance and stand out wet dry grip. Offering excellent resistance to oils or liquids, leather gloves are also resistant to heat or flame. With additional lining, they work as brilliant thermal work gloves. Our Icelander thermal work gloves are ideal for cold weathers and freezers.

Our leather work gloves range includes welding gloves and welding gauntlets. Leather gloves for driving and leather gloves for gardening are the most popular leather work gloves. 

Leather work gloves and welding gauntlets mostly come in a standard size UK 10 and in a variety of colours.